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At UAVision, we provide fast, affordable, and reliable media from the air so our customers can make better-informed, real-time decisions about their most critical assets.

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Engineering & Construction

Using drones to track the progress that you’re making on a job site would be a brilliant way to utilise their features. Having KPIs and milestones for an onsite project is important. They help to determine whether or not you’re on time or if you need to work a little longer to get that specific task up to scratch and on time.

In order to maintain a good timeline and monitor the progress of a project, taking photos is a necessity. Using a drone could help to speed this process up and offer a number of different angles that other construction firms would otherwise not be able to achieve. This would allow for your business to have a nice selling point, providing visual updates for customers, shareholders and stakeholders alike. Having the ability to offer different perspectives from start to finish may also offer a nice presentation to be hosted on your website.


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